PTC/USER Technical Community Boston Meeting

February 7-9, 2017 (Boston Park Plaza Hotel)

Deadline of January 16 to book your hotel room is quickly approaching! Attendance will be limited to 300 to ensure a great experience for all.

We’re getting lots of enthusiasm from attendees and sponsors and hope you can join us this February 7, 8, 9 at the Boston Park Plaza for PTC/USER’s first annual Technical Community Open Forum built for PTC Customers and put on by PTC Customers. PTC has pledged their support of the event and will be in attendance.

The two biggest questions we are hearing are:

What’s the value?

There has always been value in pulling users of PTC products together and giving them the opportunity to share with one another. It is one of the pillars we all founded PTC/USER on, and it’s the most often sited reason people come to our events whether local, national, or international. This event is purely that, gathering users of PTC products to share and learn from each other with no limitations. If you would like to pull together interest in new functionality, product fixes, or whatever, we’re not restricting anything. PTC is not planning agenda items like product updates or new functionality reviews, but they will be in attendance.

Why Boston, in the winter, again?

Great question. For an inaugural event, we wanted to keep it close to PTC to lessen the restrictions of them attending and didn’t want to get to close to the Liveworx event. We all recognize, and agree, that PTC attendance at these meetings is important to all of us. If successful this year, we fully intend to return to our nomadic format for future events and move around. Boston Park Plaza also came through with a tremendous offer that would allow all of us the least amount of overhead which is important to us and you. We don’t anticipate anyone will need to rent a car and Logan is extremely economical to fly into. Combined with a centrally located hotel with a rate of $129/night, we don’t think we could have found a better deal for all of us. I hope you and your company will agree.

The Technical Committee team has been working hard to pull together interesting and engaging topics for us.

We still have some particulars to work out but there will be one room per track. No problem moving to any room you want at any time and best estimate topics times will be posted for each room.

Track     Coordinator        Topic

ALM       Hartwig  PTC Presented Topics

ALM       Hartwig  Customer Presentation – Project Management in Integrity

ALM       Hartwig  Enhanceing Reports with JQuery

ALM       Hartwig  Agile in Integrity

ALM       Hartwig  Feedback from Stuttgart Event

ALM       Hartwig  Round table discussion – session 1

ALM       Hartwig  Round table discussion – session 2

ALM       Hartwig  Round table discussion – session 3

ALM       Hartwig  World Café

CAD       Mastrapasqua   Better integration Creo View

CAD       Mastrapasqua   CAD Wrap-up

CAD       Mastrapasqua   Central Library for all Creo Apps

CAD       Mastrapasqua   Created vs. Shown Dimensions

CAD       Mastrapasqua   Customized Automation to Creo and Regression Testing of Builds

CAD       Mastrapasqua   Data management with co-designs

CAD       Mastrapasqua   ModelCHECK Topics

CAD       Mastrapasqua   Open Forum

CAD       Mastrapasqua   Routed Systems for MBD

PLM       Murali/Lewis      Business Reporting and Metrics

PLM       Murali/Lewis      CAD workers, cool ideas tips and tricks

PLM       Murali/Lewis      Change Management Roundtable

PLM       Murali/Lewis      Creo to EBOM

PLM       Murali/Lewis      Incremental steps to be Enterprise solution

PLM       Murali/Lewis      Licensing Round Table

PLM       Murali/Lewis      Managing Engineering Work Requests

PLM       Murali/Lewis      Options Modeller, Options and variants

PLM       Murali/Lewis      Part displacement, consolidation and succession

PLM       Murali/Lewis      Parts Link Round Table

PLM       Murali/Lewis      PTC Navigate Apps based on Thingworx Platform

PLM       Murali/Lewis      Renaissance project, migrating a multi-Org WC to a harmonized single org

PLM       Murali/Lewis      Save as functionality limitations

PLM       Murali/Lewis      Security Labels Discussion

PLM       Murali/Lewis      Solar Turbine MPM link successs story

PLM       Murali/Lewis      Upgrade to Windchill 11 Roundtable.

PLM       Murali/Lewis      User Account Management Issues Roundtable

PLM       Murali/Lewis      Workflow roundable disucssion

Retail     Moretti  10.2 upgrade experiences (Customer)

Retail     Moretti  FlexPLM Role based / Task based apps (Survey and next steps) (Innovate / Future)

Retail     Moretti  Developer based topic conference call track (Customer)

Retail     Moretti  Costing (series of calls to understand requirements and challenges) (Future)

Retail     Moretti  Plugin 76 (update on development being done for TC customers) (Future)

Retail     Moretti  Product Ideas (300 current open ideas – consolidate and/or prioritize the list) (Customer)

We hope this answers most of the questions you’ve been asking.  Here is the original announcement with registration and hotel details:

PTC/USER Technical Community Open Forum
Feburary 7,8,9, 2017 at the Boston Park Plaza
Boston, MA
Registration cost: $400; Room rate: $129/night

The winter PTC/USER meeting has traditionally been exclusive to the Technical Committees. We are introducing a new concept. A simple four track agenda, CAD, PLM, ALM, and Retail, organized by the Technical Committees and the Board of Directors open to all members of PTC/USER.

The format will concentrate on brief topic introductions followed by open discussion. The goal is to have structured networking between our members and let you do what you’ve told us you want to do most, learn from each other.  Topics and a more detailed agenda will be coming soon. We anticipate minimal if any content from PTC introducing new products or enhancements.

The agenda will run from Tuesday morning Feb 7 through Thursday noon Feb 9. Continental breakfast all days, lunch Tue and Wed, and cocktail reception Tuesday evening will be included.

The Boston Park Plaza is easily accessible to and from Logan airport via public transportation and centrally located in Boston near to every variety of dining and entertainment within easy walking distance.

Log into and the link on the top of the home page will take you to the simple registration and payment page.
(Login is required. To join PTC/USER click the “Request Login” link at the top of the page.) 
Attendance is limited and will be cut off at the first 300 paid registrations.

Boston Park Plaza
50 Park Plaza
Boston, MA 02116 
For Reservation Call 1-800-225-2008 mention the “PTC/USER Community” to get our discount or reserve on line.
Room blocks and discounts are also limited. Discounts will be offered as long as rooms are available. Register early. 

We are currently have room for additional sponsors. If you are interested or know someone who is, please contact us.

Looking forward to seeing you in Boston!

Dan Glenn
President, PTC/USER
Solar Turbines Incorporated


Meeting Agenda (Tentative) 


2017 Meeting Schedule:

Meeting #77 – March/April 2017:  Location – TBD

Meeting #78- July 2017:  Location – TBD

Meeting #79 – November 2017:  Location – TBD

The newsletter is being finalized and will be sent out to the membership and our vendors and prospective vendors later this week.  The link enabling registration for the November meeting has been activated.



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