As many of you noticed our new website is easier to navigate and use.  If you have a few minutes please take the time to drop the board a line and let us know what you like, what you don’t like, etc….  Your input is critical in ensuring we can offer you the services and functionality you want and need.  You can use the “What’s On Your Mind” area located on the right side of the website screen.

A quick review of what the new site means to you as users?

1) Users WILL NOT need to login to the NOPUG homepage to locate information about upcoming events/meetings.  Select the “NEXT MEETING” link and view the agenda, location, directions, and any/all information related to that meeting – NO LOGIN REQUIRED!
2) Users WILL need to login to the NOPUG site in order to register to attend an upcoming event/meeting.  Registration is quick, easy, and intuitive – much simpler than our prior process!
3) Dedicated Vendor Area in which to register for upcoming events/meetings, use PayPal to pay for their participation, with other functions coming soon.
4) The bi-annual NOPUG golf outing will be coming again in 2016.  The integration with PayPal will allow us to offer a credit card payment option to you as members to pay for your golf outing participation.  We hope this will speed up the registration process the morning of the outing.
4) The updated site is compatible for mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones!  This will increase your access to the site and content found in it!

As a reminder as a NOPUG member you will still be able to utilize your existing username, but will need to generate a new password for your individual account – no way existed to transfer over your existing passwords from our prior software to the new application we are now using (we apologize for that).  (NOTE: IF YOU ALREADY DID THIS YOU CAN IGNORE THIS INFORMATION!).  If not, here’s what you need to do:

1) Select the “NEXT MEETING” link at the top of the homepage.  Choose the “LOST YOUR PASSWORD” link.  Input your username or email address that is linked to your account and pick “GET NEW PASSWORD“.  An email will automatically be generated and sent to that email address where you can change your password as desired.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  YOU ONLY HAVE TO DO THIS ONCE!!!!  After you have changed your password you can just login to register for a meeting via the “NEXT MEETING” link.


On Thursday March 24, 2016 NOPUG will be holding its spring user group meeting.  The host organization is NASA and the meeting will be held at the following location:

21000 Brookpark Road
Cleveland, OH  44135

2016 Meeting Schedule:

Meeting #74 – March 24, 2016:  Location – NASA (Celebrating NASA Glenn’s 75th Anniversary)

Meeting #75 – July 28, 2016:  Location – Sleepy Hollow Golf Course (Bi-Annual Golf Outing/Meeting) – NOPUG’s 75th Meeting!

Meeting #76 – November 17, 2016:  Location – Magnet

The newsletter is being finalized and will be sent out to the membership and our vendors and prospective vendors in the next week.  The link enabling registration for the March meeting will be activated this weekend (January 23rd) and instructions on how to register for the meeting will be posted on this page as well as via the Next Meeting link on this site in the next day or so.


Attendance guidelines for this meeting MUST be strictly adhered to and are as follows:

ALL visitors (NOPUG members & vendor representatives) MUSThave a “REAL ID” compliant drivers license in order to enter the facility.  People holding a drivers license from the following states will be required to present another valid form of ID that meets the “REAL ID” requirements (a U.S. passport):

Non-Compliant REAL ID states:

  • Illinois
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • New Mexico
  • Washington
ALL visitors MUST be U.S. citizens unless otherwise specified!
Registration for this meeting is being enabled on Saturday, January 23, 2016 and will close on Friday, March 11, 2016 at MIDNIGHT to allow for required security review prior to the meeting!  If you aren’t registered by MIDNIGHT on 3/11/16 you will NOT be able to attend the meeting – NO EXCEPTIONS!

Questions should be addressed to the NOPUG board via email at


Your NOPUG Board