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NOPUG has a new look, and new software under the hood.  Please be patient as we get fully back up online.  Click around and try things.  If something is not working or needs fixing send your board an email.  We can be reached by email here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

Fellow NOPUG Members,

This is a very important instructional communication.  Please read everything!!!!!!!


Our site has again undergone a major overhaul due to our hosting agency upgrading all of their software.  We were able to keep your information with the exception of your passwords.  That information was encrypted and was not transferred to the new site.  In order for you to be able to log on you MUST follow these instructions.


2.     You will need to request a new temporary password in order to log in!

3.     1) Click the Forgot login? link below the Login button on the left side.  A new page will pop up on the right.

4.     2) Click check box for Lost Password. Put in your username and email address in order to get this email to you. (Skip to step 5 if you do not remember  your username)

a.       A new password will be emailed to you.  Follow the links in the email to verify and log you in.

b.      Once you log in with a new temporary password go and Edit Your Profile.   There is a button on the top menu above the slide show.

c.       Point to the Edit tab, and choose Update Your Profile

d.      A new page will pop up, click on the Contact Info tab

e.      Change your password and verify your new password.

f.        You may be required to put the Robot Crusher word in the field for that - the word is    NOPUG - use all caps!

g.       Click Update button at the bottom.

h.      Upload a photo / avatar of yourself - choose the Portrait tab next to Contact Info. Optional but recommended.

i.         Skip to step 6.

5.     3) If you did not remember your username. Click the check box for Lost Username.

a.       Your username will be emailed to you.  Now skip back to step 4.

6.     4) Now you will be able to register for the March NOPUG User meeting. 

7.     5) You must be Logged into the site.

a.       Once you are logged in you will see a Meetings tab at the top menu above the slide show. Click this tab.

b.      A new page will appear showing Upcoming Events

c.       Click on the NOPUG March 27th  title and it will take you to the event page

d.      Click on the Registration check mark to the right under the Event title.

e.      A new form will pop up just click Submit and you will be registered for the meeting.

f.        You will be taken back to the Meeting Event list or back to the Meeting Event page

g.       If you would like to see your registration go to the bottom of the event page and expand the List of Participants.

8.       Check back regularly to the Event page to see updates to the agenda or any new information that may be posted.


Thank you,


Your NOPUG Board.